Enthusiastic Lens master: Peyush Bansal

The founder and CEO Of lenskart: Peyush Bansal. Lenskart business is the fastest growing business worldwide. Lenskart provides its customers a wide range of the lens, which is prepared with help of a degree of automation. This platform is a blessing for people who have an issue with eyesight. This organization is an e-commerce platform with a unique and developed business model.


Peyush Bansal eagerly wanted to do his own business in the field of e-commerce and soon he achieved his goal. He believes that an entrepreneur must be a support structure for his organization along with this he follows the rule of (SAP) which means simply appreciating people. 

As an individual Peyush Bansal focuses on fitness and a healthy living lifestyle. Being fit and fine is a great element for him. Peyush Bansal is a perfectionist type of person and coarsely with this strategy, he provides people with perfect eyewear through the largest eyewear platform lenskart. His father works as Chartered Accountant (CA) and wanted his son to be educated and to found a good job. 


As being obedient child, he went abroad and excel in the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in university in Canada. He returns to India after a year of pursuing his post-graduation in diploma Management for executive from IIM Bangalore. He too excels in MBA and states that MBA Knowledge was a boon for him.

After completing his education abroad, he successfully paid his contributions by working in Microsoft company. After some time Peyush returns back to India and starts working on his project.


Peyush Bansal returned to India and started his first project by launching searchmycampus.com which provides students the opportunities of searching hostels, books, part-time jobs, etc. Moreover opened four websites simultaneously which were all about bags, jewelry, and eyewear. Over time, he focused on eyewear only. 

He started lenskart with his friends Amit Chaudhary and Sumit. Working at Microsoft provides him with great help for working as a leader and managing lenskart. In 1st month Lenskart company achieved a great boost up growth. Customers were well satisfied with their services. Then Peyush focused on achieving 1 lakh customers in one day. Lenskart provided its customers with the new program of eye testing.  

At first lenskart brand ambassador was renown personality Katrina kaif after a while Bhuvan Bham. Lenskart became the second online largest optical company all over the world. This company too has its setup in China. 


Several billionaires invest in this esteemed company set up by Peyush Bansal. Ratan Tata, Gopalkrishna invested in lenskart along with these all Azim Premji invested 400 crores in lenskart.  

With his intelligence, strength, and passion, He became an owner of a company of 300crores which is an esteemed eyewear platform. 

Net worth 

Lenskart makes revenue of 967 crores. The company provides revaluation and revenue of 1.5 billion. 


He received the red herring top 100 Asia award in 2012, Emerging entrepreneur of the year in the Indian e-tail award in 2012. 


With a great sense of passion, he achieved a great platform in the world of e-commerce. Thus, as a result of his passion, love, skills, and innovation he became the owner of the largest eyewear company. “I think passion is the Most Important thing” – said Peyush Bansal.

The success story of Peyush Bansal Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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