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Education has no limits – Roman Saini

A famous online educational youtube star – Roman Saini

Nowadays, we all are familiar with the top YouTube promoters and online education. The trend and ease of education via several online carriers help people to achieve their life goals. Today, we are also discussing a middle-class person who becomes a brand name in the online education field. The name of that entrepreneur star is Roman Saini.

A glimpse on the infancy of Unacademy Roman Saini

Roman Saini, the partner of Unacademy becomes a millionaire these days. Yes, he is a hardworking and strong wiling person who achieves success in every field of education whether it considers science, Civil services exams, or UPSC, etc. Additionally, Mr. Roman Saini hails from a middle-class family in Jaipur. He bore in an educated home. Likewise, his father was an engineer and his mother is a housewife.

Moreover, Mr. Saini took birth on 27th July in 1991 at Raikaranpura village, Kotputli town, Rajasthan. He completed his childhood education at his local school in Jaipur. Similarly, he also has two siblings.

His younger brother Avesh Saini worked as a pediatrician and Sister Ayushee Saini studied in the medical field. Mr. Roman Saini also fond of Guitar and got training from Guitar Trinity College London as an extracurricular activity. Similarly, he also got a degree in puzzle solving.

Higher education and motivation Mr. Roman Saini attained at a young age

After that, he appeared for AIIMS medical examination at the age of 16years. Mr. Saini did not take any coaching for his entrance exam preparation. He cracked this medical scrutiny in his first attempt and joined as a resident doctor at AIIMS. During the second year of training, Roman Saini visited several slum zones. The Unacademy Roman Saini feels the pain of those people for their basic requirements.

Similarly, he thought to resign from the job of the resident doctor and wants to prepare for the civil services examinations. During this period of MBBS, he met his old friend Gaurav Munjal. Mr. Munjal discussed his idea of starting an online education project under the name of Unacademy with Roman Saini. Mr. Saini shows interest in his friend’s suggestion and agreed to join hands for this project because he has knowledge and tips regarding entrance examinations and other fields of study.

Besides this, Mr. Roman Saini started his preparation for the Civil services examination on his own basis. He had a keen interest to serve the poverty areas. His family also supports him on his new journey. Further, he cleaved the civil services entrance exam in his first attempt. Therefore, Roman Saini IAS rank denoted as 18th rank of a young person in India at the age of 22years. Similarly, he got training as a collector at Lal Bahadur Shastri  Academy of Administration at Mussoorie. Mr. Saini joined as an Assistant collector at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh state.

How Mr. Saini becomes an educational brand for Unacademy by Raman Saini?

As Mr. Raman Saini worked in two different fields, so he has a broad group of friends. He wants to give full time to his ultimate venture of Unacademy by Roman Saini and to support his friend. So, he decided to resign from his job. Hereby, Roman Saini IAS officer resigned from his job in 2016 and totally devoted his whole time to their joint project and started their own youtube channel. Furthermore, he takes help from his friends at two different designations and gives a new shape to his dream project.

When he firstly uploaded his videos related to science, medicines, civil entrance tests, the IT field, and overseas lingos. There are millions of likes, views, and comments for his videos that encourage him to do best than this. His entire friend circle considering teachers, doctors, engineers, civil officers, etc. supports this educational program. As per a survey, there are more than 10 subscribers who use Unacademy by Roman Saini’s youtube channel, cleared their civil services examinations without paying much tuition fees.

Furthermore, people rumor about the marriage of this young man. There are too many marriage proposals for Raman Saini during his previous jobs but he said no to every proposal. Nowadays, after becoming a famous Youtuber, he also gets direct purposes for marriage but there is no news about his engagement or marriage. So, nobody has any idea about that who will become Raman Saini’s wife. Nowadays, there are millions of students and professionals who use Unacademy as their priority for studies.

The future scope of Roman Saini and Unacademy

Mr. Roman Saini is now 29 years old. During an interview, he said that “There is no limit for struggle but also conduct smartness with confidence. It will surely make you able to win. He also told that he earns much more than his previous jobs.” In a recent survey of 2019, Roman Saini net worth income from Unacademy considered between 1million to 5million dollars approximate.

Therefore, Roman Saini and his team including Mr. Gaurav Munjhal set milestone for internet studies. They prepared two different plans for Unacademy educational users- one as free and another is paid. In future, Raman Saini wants to mould it more and make it a top project with new ideas and by joining other study programs and entrance papers.

Moreover, he has his own world for this venture and does not like social gatherings and webinars. He is also a motivational speaker and encourages people to study with interest and strong will power to get success. Nowadays, Roman Saini uses different social platforms for the promotion and further success of Unacademy like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. He has a superb plan with hard work to make Unacademy more popular in the world.

The Success story of Roman Saini is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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