Dumas Beach – The Unanswered Beach Novel

Dumas beach is the most popular tourist attraction spot in India for humans as well as ghosts. This beach is famed because of its black sand including its attractiveness, but it also hides dark truths that are unknown to the public. According to legend, it was a shmashana, which is why the greatest supernatural events occur here, and Dumas Beach is regarded as the most haunted area in India.

The Presence of Supernatural Powers

People who went there at night felt the presence of paranormal activities, they heard the screaming of a child as well as the scary sounds coming all around, once the screaming stopped then there is a weird voice of laughing. Also, scary sounds of footsteps as someone is approaching you as well as will take you to their party where you are the only food.

The tourist prevents going there after 7:00 pm because they believe if someone goes there after sunset, there is no return ticket for them. I know it sounds so scary but believes what if something paranormal happens around you when you are just lying as well as someone catches your feet it is hell scary the same state is of the people of Gujarat living near Dumas beach.

Is This A Beautiful Spot Or A Haunted Spot?

The beach underlying the Arabian Sea is located just 21km southwest of the city of Surat in Gujarat. The most famous beach due to two reasons-

  • The black sand as well as its beauty.
  • The dark secrets lying under the dark nights.

As per the locals, there is a dark mystery buried under the graveyard which is believed to be the house of spirits. Many paranormal investigators have felt and seen the spirits roaming around the beach and to date, there is nothing to disclose the mystery.

Why Is Sand Black At Dumas Beach?

According to legends, the sand is black due to ashes from burned dead as it was formerly a graveyard, while some people believe it is due to the increased quantity of iron and minerals in Dumas’ earth. Till now, it is still unknown why the sand is black, many scientists, as well as paranormal investigators, are working to solve the dark mystery of Dumas beach.

Will The Reality Be Ever Known?

Everyone wants to know the truth behind the scary sounds that scares their soul every night. The beach attracts people who want to know the truth so due to this some daring brave heart people across India comes to stay at night on the beach to do reality checkup.

Many of them witnessed the whispering sounds, the barking of dogs, and the scary echoes coming all around but there was no one around them as well as some say they witnessed nothing. There are still concerns about why, who does this, and what the history of Dumas Beach was like, or are they just made up stories to terrify you.


After much investigation, this story now has no end. Will it remain a mystery forever? When will the truth come out and will these spirits reside here forever, no one knows what the answers to these questions are?

Till now the truth is that paranormal activities do take place here as well as on some days of the month it is too active that even you can’t dare to step out of your house at night when you are the neighbor of the scary spirits. It is also said some people went missing and one’s body was found lying on the sand with the eyes open and the tongue popping outwards. As we don’t know the whole truth but surely it is the scariest place at night when you are wandering alone as well as even the little sound can shake your soul to your fullest.

I Hope, you’ll get fruitful and mysterious information on the most haunted place which is Dumas Beach. 

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