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Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is a well-known UPSC guide in India. He is an author, IAS trainer, lecturer, and the founder of Drishti institute for UPSC training in Delhi. He is a man who has created many IAS officers with his unique style of directing and training UPSC aspirants. Divyakirti sir is famous for his ways of teaching and the hard work he does for the future of his students. He is also known as Abdul Kalam for his hard work as well as a passion for his work.

Today, Divyakirti sir is one of the top IAS trainers in India. UPSC is viewed as the highly-qualifying exam in India. He cleared the exam of UPSC in the first attempt at the age of 21 years. This shows his level of knowledge and hard work. Divyakirti sir is not only a great teacher moreover a good author. He has written many books in Hindi literature and current affairs for IAS aspirants. Dr. Vikas Divyakirti sir actively participates in various debates related to student affairs or Indian politics, on reputed news channels and colleges. He is a motivation for UPSC students for working hard towards their goals.

Early story of Vikas Divyakirti

He was born in 1973 on 26th December in the Haryana state of India. Vikas Divyakirti sir is from a well-educated middle-class family. Both of his parents were Hindi literature professors at Delhi University and he has two elder brothers. Dr. Vikas Divyakirti sir got married in 1997 to Dr. Taruna Verma, who was his friend during his Ph.D., and they have a son named Satwik Divyakirti. His wife is the MD of Drishti coaching classes in Delhi.

He completed his early education at Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Haryana. Divyakirti sir has done BA in History from Delhi University. During his graduation period, he started working as a salesman in a calculator-selling firm in Delhi. He also participated in many debate competitions held at the university and won many cash prizes. After completing graduation in history he decided to further pursue his post-graduation degree in Hindi literature. So, he did MA in Sociology and Hindi Literature at Delhi University. He was a very studious child as he also holds the degrees of LLB, M.Phil., Ph.D., and even a post-graduation degree in the translation of English to Hindi language from Delhi University. He is also a UGC NET holder.

Motivating career story of Vikas Divyakirti

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti started his career as a lecturer at Delhi University. While working at the university he has started preparing for civil services. He took the exam in 1997, qualifying on the first attempt, and was assigned duty in the Ministry of Home Affairs, India. His family, as well as friends, were very happy with his achievement but he was not satisfied. So, he thought of not joining the service and again started preparing for the exam during his joining period. During this duration of time, he was writing a thesis for his Ph.D. as well as teaching Hindi at Sankalp hostel of Delhi University to UPSC aspirants. He is a very passionate person.  

In 1999, when his joining date came, he convinced his family that he will not join and try again. His family agreed with his decision but due to some reasons, he joined the duty. This is the reason why he joined his duty one day late with a mindset of resigning after six months. So, after six months he resigned from his duty and the next day went for an interview at Delhi University for the post of lecturer. But he was not selected there because he does not have the reliving letter from his last services. After that, he applied for reliving letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs, which he got after 20 months in 2001. This is when the foundation of the Drishti coaching institute has taken place.

Drishti – The Vision Institute

In 1999 he started the institute in a rented apartment with a batch of 13 students in Delhi. Drishti is one of the leading institutions for UPSC coaching in India. Divyakirti sir has made the syllabus easy for students with his unique techniques and teaching them in the Hindi language. He has a mission of serving his nation and Drishti is the expression of that.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti sir has started with teaching Hindi as well as some segments of Philosophy by himself and for other subjects he has co-guided him. As time passed, he acquired all the subjects by himself and also formed his own team of knowledgeable as well as experienced guides in the Drishti institution. The aim of Drishti institutions is to prepare skilled and knowledgeable civil servants for the country. Its vision is to make its students true to their work. Drishti is not only providing theoretical knowledge to its students but also guides them with the interview by doing practical sessions.

His fight against CSAT

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is an honorable and simple man with a zeal to accomplish his objectives. He is famous for his incredible talent for simplifying and solving difficult problems of various topics. People honor him for his polite and helpful nature. Divyakirti sir is also known for opposing the committee for making English the only language for Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT).

Aspirants from different regions opt for exams in their regional languages. They are already facing language problems in the process for a long time period. Dr. Vikas has taken the stand for Hindi-medium students and fought against CSAT. According to him, the aspirants become suspicious till the results show equal representatives. India is a country that has linguistic and cultural diversities. The government should be concerned and consider these diversities in UPSC for establishing equality across the nation. Otherwise, the nation will face the problems of rich and poor same as in colonial rule.


Dr. Vikas Divyakirti started his own YouTube channel in 2017. He uploads videos of critical topics for students preparing for civil services. Divyakirti sir is a light to the students who want to achieve their goals. He is not only inspiring UPSC aspirants with his words and videos but the non-aspirants are also getting motivated by his general videos. He starts from basics and ends at a high level. 

Dr. Vikas is a diligent and respectful person. He is the man who has created a star status for himself for over 20 years. UPSC aspirants get inspired by his motivational words and through his hard work. He is a person who has never lost his confidence in himself even after not qualifying for the last three attempts for civil services. He says that he enjoys teaching, he feels like heaven whenever he is in the class and teaching.

The inspirational story of Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is a boost of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

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