Dow Hills – The Place Where Headless Ghost Emerges In The Night

A lot of research has been done on what we are going to tell you today and nothing has come out of it. Very big scientists and paranormal experts, i.e., those who know about the third power, have also gone to Dow Hills but no result came out.

It is not that old. What came to everyone’s attention is the story of 2013. If you don’t know, read the entire blog carefully. Dow Hills has a very lovely and spooky forest in Kurseong. In 2013, the police of West Bengal asked for help. They just didn’t understand anything. In Dow Hills there were 2 incidents was happened which was unnatural in nature. To solve that mystery, many big teams of police were gone there but unfortunately, the police teams can’t resolve the problem.

Why Did West Bengal Police Make an Offer for Help?

They didn’t understand how this happened. The police there gave an advertisement that if there is any paranormal expert then they should come and help the police. This advertisement reached a team outside of India. They said to the police that we will help you. In a team, there were approximately 7-8 people there. Police give her full support to the paranormal expert’s team. Police said to the team that it’s our responsibility to take you there, whatever equipment you will need we will arrange it for you.

Why Do Paranormal Experts Stop At The Middle?

When the police and experts team reached the destination (Dow Hills), the expert team says to the police you will not go with us forward because what we see and what we have seen makes a person nervous. Now the whole expert team decides to go to Darjeeling, and from there they will go to Dow Hills. Due tonight, they had to stop in the middle and take a room in the hotel for a stay.

The whole team was sitting and deciding what could happen. The team had special equipment’s through that they can analyze apart from the human, there is someone else present at that place. In the morning all team members pack up their bags and take their special equipment along with them and start a journey to Dow Hills. The team reached the destination in the evening at 6:00 P.M.

Ghosts In Hotel Room

The team decided to set up a campaign over there. Yet there is not any other option but to go back. The police also have a lot of expectations from us and we also want to know what the people here feel. They can’t set up their tents over there. Whose place is there, he does not want that any such activities should be done in his place.

Now the team members got irritated by this. Sometimes the wind blows, and sometimes the rope breaks. Now everyone understands that something has started here. Everyone was alerted. There is a boy in his team who is very scared. He says to everyone that we will come in the morning here. All the team members sit in a car and go from a haunted place. Now they all can’t sleep in the hotel room because they all think that how did it happen?

Why Equipments Are Got Activated?

Everyone consoles their hearts and says that the wind in the forest was too much, and because of that, the tents would not have been able to be set up. Now the equipment that they have in their room, from which they find out that the sounds around them are not of humans. The equipment they have tells that something can happen at this place. Both of that equipment was placed on the table and they became active.

There is a girl in their group and she asks everyone if anybody has eaten something over there. Suddenly one guy tells me that, when I got down from the car, there was a tree there, so I tasted the leaf of that tree. Now the girl knows clearly that someone has come with it. Everyone knows that apart from them, there is someone else in this room.

Horrible Sign of Paranormal Expert

The next day when everyone left for Dow Hills, it was evening. They had reached Dow hills at 4 pm. It takes so much time to roam in the forest that it is night, and they have to go back, the car has believed that it is standing on only 10 steps, which these team members are unable to see. They all have come so much into the forest that there is no chance of getting out. Now they all have to wait for the day.

Everyone was sitting and talking to each other when one of them took out his phone and looked at the time. If you also go to such a place, then in such an area where the network comes, but if some issues come in your gadgets, then it can also be a kind of sign. Now a member of that team says that the weather is not good. Let’s go up to the car and we all do the rest of our work in the morning.

Time has passed and the car is not visible in the forest. But they all can’t go up to the car due to the third power. It started raining. And because of the onset of rain, their steps accelerate. They all roam here and there to avoid the rain. The gadgets have been making very loud noises. The one who had that gadget in his hand started getting scared. There was a boy in a team who stood in one place. When the rest of the members asked him why he was getting wet in the rain, horribly he just pointed at the car with the gesture of his hand.

Paranormal Experts and Ghosts Conversation

They all just go up to the car and sit in it. All the team members are wetted due to rain. The car was getting cold from the inside as compared to the outside temperature. It was in the mind of all of them that there is someone else with them in the car at this time. The girl member took out her phone and start making videos inside the car. When the girl made a video of everyone and when she turned the camera towards her and later when she saw the video, she felt the third power. When the video was shown to the other team members, there was nothing horrible in that video. But when she saw herself, she realized the third power.

When they realized 2-3 times in their car. First of all, they tried to ask the ghosts with that device, what happened to you that your soul is left among humans. If you had any demand which was not fulfilled and because of that you are troubled or troubling, then we can help you and get rid of you. When they have asked questions to ghosts, then the answers will be coming from 50 ghosts. The driver who was in the seat then tried to leave the place and run away. Put the key in the car and it is a long way to start the car, that key was not moving. Now, these people want to get out of the car because they know that there is something in their car. All night they have been feeling something.


Even today there are scratches on the paranormal expert’s bodies. Ghosts had left a sign on them in a way that you should always remember this forest of Dow Hills and never come again in your life. As soon as it was morning, the car driver saw the car key spinning on its own. And all go back from that place and go to the police and say that we cannot help you in this case.

I Hope, you’ll get fruitful and mysterious information on the most haunted place which is Dow Hills. 

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