Colonel Harland Sanders – From Tyre Fixer To Chicken Expert 

Today we are going to talk about the very famous American Businessman Colonel Harland Sanders who struggles his whole life and think about not giving up in any situation. As well as at the end of his last working days, he did a very great job. 

Colonel Harland Sander’s Younger Days 

The founder of KFC Colonel Harland Sanders lost his father at the age of 5. In his childhood, he has responsibility for his siblings. Harland Sanders did a very great search for jobs but could not get much success, his wife left him after the marriage, and running the business also ended up badly. He only did his survived until the age of 65. But after that Harland open a branch named KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) which is famous around the whole world also in present there are 11818 branches located in other countries.  

Colonel Harland Sandar was born on 9 September 1890 in Indiana in “Henry Ville “his father’s name is “David Sanders” and his mother’s name is “Margaret Sander”. Harland Sander has one brother and one sister named “Clarance “and “Catherine”. Everything is going well in his family but in 1895 in the summer his father died due to a High fever. After the death of his father financial crises occur in their family. For survival, Sander‘s mother must work in the factory. Now the whole responsibility of Clarance and Catherine is On’s sander. In these days Sander’s mother started teaching him cooking and at the age of 7 he learned about cooking. As well From the start Sander loved making chicken.  

The Struggling Point Of His Life 

In 1902 Harland Sander’s mother got married to a person named William, after marriage Margaret and the whole family started living in Indiana in Green-Wood. Sander’s stepfather does not like him at all, and that’s why their relationship with each other is not so good. Due to the bad relationship with his stepfather one day Sander left the house and settle down in the Field, meanwhile, Sander started working for survival. After leaving the house his studies got disturbed. At the age of 13, he shifted to a new place Indiana Police where he worked painting on Horse Cart. Then Sander left this work. 

The Heartbroken Phase of Colonel Harland Sanders 

1906 in this year he came to New Albany ( Endiama ) where Sander live with his uncle, his uncle worked in the car company, and with the help of his uncle, Harland Sander got a job as a Conductor. During this time Sander also worked as a Railway Fireman. As a Railway Fireman Sander saw a girl named Josephine he liked her, and at the age of 19, he married to Josephine Meanwhile after the marriage Sander had 3 children one boy and two girls. Now it seems like Sander’s life is on track but after a little, while he had a fight with an employee at his work, then he got fired from his Fireman job. 

When Sander’s wife gets to know about his job his wife and their children left him. After this bad phase of his life, Sander feels helpless and heartbroken but he never gives up. And started searching for a new job. Colonel Harland Sander did different kinds of jobs for his survival. Sander started doing work selling insurance and credit cards, tyer selling business. Sander almost did all different business but with this, he had to face a lot of disappointments.  

New Beginnings 

In 1929 Sander came to Kentucky’s small town named Carbin and opened a gas station on America’s Route 25. Harland Sander also opened a new Restaurant near the gas station. in that restaurant, Sander makes his own special Fried chicken recipe, the interesting thing people like his fried chicken recipe. Day by day his recipe was like by so many people out there, and now Harland Sander thinks to expand the business. To expand his business he did the Hotel Manager Course from  “Cornell University” for 8 weeks.  

The Fried Chicken made by Harland Sander is very much liked by the governor of Kentucky even though the governor gives him the degree of the whole COLONEL, that’s why from this journey Sander’s name will be named Colonel Harland Sander. In 1937 he try to open more new branches of his restaurant in Kentucky, but then he again have to face so many problems. These days he also tried to be a chef, but suddenly one day the restaurant has to be closed. A few days later Sander’s survival is getting so much worse. 

Secret Recipe Got Viral

Now Colonel Harland Sanders is in his old age days ( 62 years ), in his whole life he only lives for his survival but he has full faith in his chicken research. He takes his kitchen equipment and some spices for marketing. Now he starts meeting the owners of some restaurants for his unique recipe. Although no owner of the restaurant will try to cooperate with Sander, he has to go to 1000 restaurants for marketing, and day by day he was facing so many problems. After so many problems and disappointments, he finally meets his very first customer, and from that day he never even takes his step back. Sander’s Unique  Fried Chicken recipe is getting more famous around the whole world. 

Today in the present world KFC restaurant has more than  118 branches in different cities in the world. Presently KFC has more than  18875 outlets in the world. The first Franchise KFC was open in 1952 in America. 


After so many achievements, on the 16th of  December 1980, Colonel Harland Sanders die at the age of 90 in  Kentucky  ( America). When people are in their old age they got retire but Colonel Harland Sander would be an inspiration for all of us who do not step back and never give up even in his 60s. 

Nothing is impossible in life when we stick to our goals“. 

The inspirational story of Colonel Harland Sanders is a boost of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

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