Bonaventure Cemetery – Georgia’s Most Haunted Location

The Forecasting City of Savannah

Many people claim to have seen strange phenomena when visiting the grounds, such as an uneasy feeling, and hearing moaning sounds and footsteps behind them in empty buildings. But very few can match the paranormal encounters of the Bonaventure cemetery, found in Savannah, Georgia with its many statues and moss-cover trees. Many have said it has an eerie feel, but others have said it has a peaceful and calming effect. The site was first used as a hospital by French troops trying to retake Savannah from the British. Harriet Tarnell Jr’s wife was the first to be buried alongside of her four children.

Why Peoples Are Buried Alive?

In 1846, Peter Wilke Berger bought a part of the land. In 1868, the Evergreen Cemetery was set up on 70 acres. The city of Savannah renames the foundation to Bonaventure cemetery. Many famous people, including Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Conrad Aiken and Academy Award-winning songwriter Johnny Mercer, are buried there. Moreover, many individuals undoubtedly conceal alive.

It is also common to see grave markers in the shape of a small cradle showing the grave of a child. The mortality rate in the 1800s was significantly higher than it is today. Only about half of all children made it to their fifth birthday. One of the most unusual and paranormal spots in the cemetery is the burial site of little Gracie. Hers is one of the most often visit places in Bonaventure cemetery.

Uncovering The Real Facts of Bonne Venture Cemetery

For almost a century, visitors to the Bonaventure cemetery have been enthralled by her story. The wrought iron fence encircling her grave plot is often ador with small presents left by those moved by Little Gracie’s story. She was left alone in Savannah. After her death, WJ and Frances Watson gave birth to Gracie Watson in 1883. The Watsons were from Boston, Massachusetts.

After WJ was hired to run the Palaski Hotel, they made their way to Savannah. The silent attention appears on her girl while working in a hotel. Almost every guest of the Palaski Hotel was warmed by this bright-eyed girl who brought smiles to their faces. She was rumored to put on small shows for the guests, including dancing in the lobby and singing songs. Just two days before Easter, in 189, she passed away from pneumonia.

Her parents’ hearts had been broken beyond repair. Following Gracie’s death, her father sank into a severe depression. She was laid to rest in Bonaventure cemetery. In the Watson family plot, Gracie’s father had artist John Walt sculpt the memorial to his beautiful little girl as a tribute to her waltz and construct the monument that now lies on Little Gracie’s grave. Location at the cemetery, using a photograph as a guide.

The Ghost of Gorgeous Real Girl

It is believed to be life-size and an exact replica of Little Gracie. Little Gracie Watson’s spirit seemed to be alive and well. Many people have claimed to have seen the ghost of a young girl playing in Johnson Square, the site of the Palazzi Hotel. Some witnesses claim that the ghost was a real girl in a gorgeous white outfit running around the square like any other youngster would until she vanished into thin air. Locals say that if you remove one of the playthings left for her, then the statue of Gracie will start to cry tears of blood.

Controversial Story of Corinne Elliot Lawton

Others have claimed to still be able to hear her laughing. Bonaventure cemetery officials have fenced off Gracie’s grave to protect it from visitors, but some claim the fence is meant to have Gracie’s playful spirit. Another sad story is that of Corinne Elliot Lawton, she is the subject of one of the most controversial of the Bonaventure stories. In 1877, Corrine met and fell in love with a man who was below her station in society. Corrine’s parents were adamant about her not marrying someone from across the tracks, so they arranged for her to marry a wealthy member of savannah society.

Why She Had Drowned Herself In A Final Act Of Defiance?

She informed her parents she could never love the man her parents wanted her to marry after meeting him, to which her father firmly replied, you will learn to love him, or you will learn your station. After some time had passed, all the wedding preparations had been completed. She had unfortunately given up and had lost all hope. Despondent and distraught, she rode her father’s best horse to the banks of the savannah river, jumped in, and drowned herself in a final act of defiance the day before the wedding. Angry and devastated, her parents had the Koran buried outside the family plot and then commissioned artist Benedetto Sylheti of Palamon, Sicily, to make a statue for her.

The Appearance of The Statue

She is shown seated beside a cross, dressed in a long gown with one shoulder uncovered. Her eyes have no pupils, a garland has slipped from her grip, and she appears as sad and lost as she did in life. Many people also believe that the statue built in her honor wears shoes, implying that Corinne is not walking with Jesus. It is said she often is seen walking through the cemetery at night, always walking on the outside of the family plot, never on the inside.

The Bonaventure cemetery is also said to be home to a group of hellhounds who bark in a snarl at visitors. A hellhound is a monstrous dog leashed to the spiritual world. They can often be found guarding the entryways to the afterlife. The dogs have never been seen, but some tourists claim to have felt their breath on their heels or heard fear sparking in the distance.

Termination Of Article

One of the most disturbing things about Bonaventure cemetery is the ghost children. Visitors have report hearing the voices and laughter of children and crying babies. The Bonaventure cemetery rose to prominence after it was featured in John Barron’s novel midnight in the garden of good and evil, published in 1994, and the film adaptation directed by Clin Eastwood. The true story’s main plot is centered around the killing of Danny Hanford by respected antique dealer Jim Williams, who also happened to be his boss. This led to four murder trials, the fourth of which ended in an acquittal.

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