Bodie – The State Historic Park In California

The Bodie is a place that is famous for its Gold-mining history and dark past, located east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono country, California, United States. You don’t take anything from the town. Bodie is a state historic park and California Historic Site that was preserved in an “arrested decay” state in 1962. The ghost town attracts tourists interested in its history.

History of Bodie

William S.Bodey discovered gold near a place known to us as Bodie Bluff in 1859. The Bodey died in a snowstorm and had never seen it. Before 1860, there were no people living there. In 1861, a mill called Bunker Mill was established and then started to grow. Before this, only 20 people lived there. By 1880, almost 10,000 people were living there, 2000 buildings were constructed, and 30 gold mines, 65 saloons, many brothels, gambling halls, and opium dens were established. Many businesses, schools, and banks were also seated up. There were three brewery that worked day and night for the beer and every other building on the main street was a saloon. Bodie made his reputation of violence, robbery, and killing on a daily basis place and the street fight was very common in the town. Till 1881, Bodie was known as the lawless town.

How One Mistake Occurs The Big Loss?

Before there are no churches in the town then two were built in town a Methodist Church and a Catholic Church built in 1882. The Bodie got famous for mining ores, near about 30 companies produced ores of about 90 to 100 million dollars per month.

In 1892, a fire finished the business of almost all the districts and the population start decreasing in the town. And then in 1898, another fire destroyed the mill. From 1915, all the big miles were supervised by James Stuart Cain. He was a very successful and smart human who owned the Bodie bank, leased the mono lake railway and lumber company, and owned a Standard mill. Then in 1932, fire damage was done by a 2.5-year-old who was playing with matchsticks, by this little mistake destroyed 95% of the boodie’s building. After such a big loss few people live there and at last, only six people were left in the town, and soon they also died.

How Does Ghost Tell Their Presence?

First, the man murdered his wife, and then 3 other men killed the husband who murdered his wife.  According to myths, it is known that the ghost of the murdered man visits the three men and all three men died of a very unknown disease. At end of 1940, this was called a ghost town. If someone takes anything from a ghost town, they will be covered in bad luck until they return the item. The Park caretaker told that ghosts don’t like adults and love children. In the middle of the night, adults in the house awake to find a heavy Chinese lady sitting on them. One of the women tries to fight back but ends up on the floor. The door opens and closes the bedroom on its own at night of their rooms. There are few buildings in the town.  

Creeping Sounds From House

Every building had a different ghost in it and till now the person living before in that house had the present of them. One house by Mrs. Mendocini is called the house of several friendly ghosts. The lady loved to cook Italian food. Ranger told that they still smell the delicious aroma of her cooking when they enter the house. And sometimes the sound of children’s laughter and party-like sound comes from the room of Mrs. Mendocini’s house.

At Dechambeau’s house, many people have seen women watching from upstairs windows. A 3-year child was killed when she was hit in the head by the miners she is called “The Angel of Bodie“. Her statue is made of white marble. On occasion, a man visits the park told that he notices that the girl is seen playing, giggling, and recreating with unseen commodities. There were also many sounds coming from the houses as we passed by, and many ghosts are seen drumming in the park. You will get so many forgiveness letters in the museum from the people who took something from the park and wanted to get rid of the curse.

The Recent View of Ghost Park

When the fire occurred, most people packed their belongings and the others were left behind. Now only 10% of the buildings are left and the rest looks the same even after more than 50 years. No one lives there except the park employees. There are no saloons, restaurants, or anything in the park. Ghost town timings are 9 am to 6 pm in summer and 9 am to 3 pm in winter and spring, summers and fall are the best seasons to visit this place. They charge a very minimal amount of money for the tour of the park.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on Bodie

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