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Laxman Narasimhan is the Chief Executive officer of a Global Company producing consumer goods related to health, hygiene, as well as home products: Reckitt Benckiser. He is an Indian American business executive. Earlier he was a proficient chief commercial officer at Pepsi. co.


Laxman Narasimhan belongs to our beloved country India. He has raised in Mumbai as well as Pune. He was born in 1967 / 1968. Now he is a resident of Greenwich, Connecticut. He is a polyglot as he is an expert in six languages. He is married as well as had two children with God’s grace. 


Moreover, he is a man with high qualifications. Laxman had a degree in Mechanical engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India. Meanwhile, to gain further studies he went abroad as well as had excelled in his MA in German as well as international studies from The Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania as well as he conquered degree of MBA from France from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.    


Simultaneously, he gave his dedicated services to McKinsey for 19 years until 2012, rising to the director as well as location manager for their New Delhi office. He joined PepsiCo with the designation of Chief commercial officer in 2012.Furthermore, he succeeded Rakesh Kapoor as CEO of Reckitt Benckiser in September 2019. The Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, is where he currently serves as a trustee, as well as he formerly served on the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

Stepping into Reckitt Organization

Previously, Laxman held several senior positions at PepsiCo from 2012 to 2019, including Global Chief Commercial Officer as well as Chief Executive Officer of Latin America, Europe, as well as Sub-Saharan Africa operations, where he oversees the company’s food as well as beverage business across the regions of Latin America, Europe, as well as Africa.Moreover, he contributed his part of devotional services to McKinsey & Company for some time from 1993 to 2012. He was an advisory Board member of The Jay H. Baker Retailing Centre at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

He is adept. Leadership skills as well as a commitment to duty were two of his strong suits. Additionally, he was a perfectionist when it came to inspiring people, as well as he motivated teams in developed as well as emerging markets to achieve market-leading performance.Furthermore, he is a digital innovator as well as leads to successive growth of Reckitt even in tough times of Covid-19. He is a man of wide vision as well as brilliant strategies.  

He is currently appoint as a Non-executive Director of Verizon Communications Inc. As a CEO of Reckitt, he had led many companies to a great boost. As he states that 58 % of the company are millennials. Reckitt had its headquarters in Slough, United Kingdom, as well as has 71 office locations across 63 countries. 

Altruistic personality 

In contrast, Covid-19 forced him to aid his employees by providing them the money they had saved on travel. As well as his institutions gave money to the front lines in Wuhan, to HIV -AIDS stations in Africa to various health agencies. Moreover, they also funded joint ads with public health institutions in various countries. 

In addition to all of this, he is a devoted member of the community, having actively participated in the Mission Paani Jal Pratigya because he understood the importance of water, having struggled to obtain it as a youngster as well as faced experienced challenges due to a lack of water.

Net worth

At least 23.3 million dollars in net worth is projected for Laxman as of 4 October 2018. To summarize PepsiCo Inc. owes Laxman about 5500 units. It is estimate that Laxman sold PEP shares worth about $2,809,642 in the previous seven years.

The Success story of Laxman Narasimhan is making the biggest impact on people’s life

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