Beerud Sheth – Revolution To Messaging Platforms

Who is Beerud Sheth?

Beerud Sheth is the quintessential serial entrepreneur. Mr. Sheth is the founder of SMS Gupshup his innovative venture brought a dramatic revolution. The trailblazer entrepreneur also fascinated everyone with his project Elance: the world’s largest online service marketplace. Now he serves as CEO at Gupshup where he put forward all his best possible efforts to facilitate as well as to expand the criteria of Gupshup. He also gave his commendable services as CEO at webaroo.

Educational Background

Beerud had done BTech from IIT Bombay, he also gets a silver medal. To pursue his further studies, he left India and excelled in his M.S in computers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His graduate research, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, consisted of developing autonomous learning software agents for personalized upcoming filters. He was an active member of the math club at the Indian Institute of technology. He attended his school from 1987 to 1991. 

Steps towards entrepreneurial Journey

Before founding Elance, he served in the financial services where he analyzed the modeling, structuring as well as derivatives at Merrill Lynch, before this he worked at Citicorp securities. He had a strong belief that new business should be a “painkiller, not a vitamin”. So, he worked with the same criteria and built his project of Gupshup. 

Gupshup was started in 2004. In the beginning, the company underwent many ups and downs but with strong will and urge to do something great they keep working on, the team keep on rendering as well as refining the flaws to fit in the market.

Sheth had inspirational advice for one’s both personal as well as professional life that one needs analytical data to ensure that the idea can translate into a viable business that fills a need in society. He said that the man he admires as a Guru was his professor DP Pathak at IT Bombay.

He put together his skill and comprehending and created Gupshup. The company name itself encapsulates the business model. Gupshup now provides the facility of SMS, email, voice, USSD, IP messaging, chat, or development services to BFSI, etc.

Fund Raising Tactics

In July 2021, the company raised funding of $240 million in a Series F financing round led by Fidelity Management, Tiger Global, and others. In September 2021, Gupshup acquired Dotgo, a rich communication system (RCS) business messaging player based in New Jersey.

Before establishing Gupshup he founded another extremely successful firm Elance, an A, American freelancing platform connecting enterprises in 1999. Elance, later on, emerged with oDesk in December 2013.

Besides all, he is a frequent speaker at industry events as well as a holder of 2 technology patents. He is an investor also, currently holding an investment in 4 portfolios. He has invested in the series B funding round with an investment of $32 million in December 2020. In September 2019 he invested for Happy Shappy and in 2015 investment was done for fit circle.

Personal life

Mr. Sheth presently lives in the United States. His residence is in San Francisco California. He is fond of books. He has some self-composed books. His books include: Food For thought Restaurant Go digital to survive and thrive; why 2018 was the year of Transforming Messaging Trends; and ‘why Bots Matter’, a helpful piece on chatbots and how they solve problems in apps and websites.

Net Worth

Beerud Sheth is the owner company with a valuation of $6a million.


Beerud Sheth is awarded the billionth award south Asia award in 2020. His inspirational journey encouraged all the entrepreneurs to put their learning in the right way as well as when one decides to open a business, he needs to think about society and what would benefit society along with this we need to push ourselves to achieve our dreams.

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