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Zeeshan Shaikh is a famous YouTuber who has more than 3 million subscribers. He is guiding youngsters through his videos and knowledge of books about how to take decisions on your and how to follow your passion and make money from them.

Let’s know about the journey that he traveled for being the best YouTuber and best content creator.

Early Life

Zeeshan Shaikh is the son of a taxi driver & was born on 1 May 1994. His other real name is Kudbuddin Shaikh and he belongs to a very poor middle-class family. And he had faced many problems in his life related to money. But his father always wanted him to work hard towards his study and always invested in his studies. From childhood, he lives in Mumbai, & used to live in a very small chawl where the ceiling of his house was very low and he feel so shameful of his home.

So he had decided in his childhood only that he wanted to buy a home in Mumbai, and he also knows that it is not easy to buy a house in Mumbai of the city, he really has to work hard for that. From starting he was an average student in studies, he never topped in his school or college. He completed his school at St. joseph high school Kurla, Mumbai. 

Why He Didn’t Get Admission Directly After 12th In Engineering?

And during 12th he was not serious about his studies so got very fewer marks and don’t get admission to an engineering college. Then he did a diploma of 2 years for getting admission to an engineering college & after 2 years he got admission to Rizvi College of Engineering, Mumbai. When he was in college he loves to participate in dance programs. During his 3rd year of college, he realized that there is very little chance of getting a job and also he was not interested in doing engineering & no passion he has for that. 

The only reason he was doing engineering is the pressure of his parents, for the money they have invested in him and the things he had listened from the society that engineers have a lot of jobs & money. Also, his seniors told him that even if they are not getting jobs after getting very good marks. Then he just thinks about himself who is average in his studies how will he get a job.

How Engineering Turned Youtuber

Afterward, Zeeshan just googled on youtube ” how to be successful”. He started watching videos on how a person can be successful in his life. He is a person who doesn’t like to be bounded he simply wanted freedom and doesn’t want to work under anyone. So, he thinks that this can only happen if do his own business and just doesn’t do the job.

From watching the video regularly he got a very common habit of all the richer people or businessmen who read books. He came to know the reason behind reading books is books have all the answers that we are finding here and there we only have to read books. That time his question was “How a poor man can do business”? The answer he got from the books only. 

From Where Did He Inspired?

In one of the interview he told that ” There are so many books who tells us how we can do business with very less money or without money”, he also mentioned the name of such kinds of books i.e Rework, The Lean Startup, or the $100 Startup.

At his point in time, he was inspired by one of the videos where 3 books were recommended i.e Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon, and What I Don’t Learn at School But Wish I Had. The book first he read was Rich Dad Poor Dad. He said that we he read the book he just lost ground under his feet.

Shaikh mentioned that in the book he read about assets and liabilities in the book and the author told him that make more and more assets in life. And the larger the number of assets in your life the richer you will be.

The Turning Phase of His Life?

This was the turning point of his life. The book helped him to select the right path for his life. After reading a book he said,  he came to know so many people have the wrong mentality because of which they are not able to go forward in their life, he mentioned that everything is possible which we wanted to do & all the answers are already written by the people in the books.

Then he started reading books & from books he realized that if we want to be successful in our life that adds more and more value to other life. The perfect business is which add value to others’ life, save time, saves money, and make life easier for others. If you do such kind of business then your business will be hit.

Zeeshan had no money to start any business, the only things he has was time, energy, and knowledge of books. Then he made his youtube channel and from google, he took animation software from that channel he started spreading the knowledge of books. His mission was to tell how powerful are the books. He started his channel on 29 December 2015.

What He Did Do In His Channel?

Shaikh read the books and make a summary of the book and do animation & recordings. And after all of this for free, he deliver it on his channel every week as it was a valuable thing, and people started subscribing to him. When he started his book summary channel no one in India has such kind of channel. Now, he has 3 million subscribers on his youtube channel which is a huge success.

What Do People Say To Him?

Zeeshan Shaikh friends and relatives always laugh & make fun of him that what he is doing in his life. And also some friends asked him to make the content of other things not what he is doing and said you are doing wrong. Moreover, his parents also asked him to do some jobs rather than doing all these things. But at last, he shuts everyone’s mouths and got succeeds in his life.

Zeeshan Advice If You Wanted To Do Something In Life

If you are doing something then

  • Do better than others. 
  • Or Do something unique.


In starting of his career he earns only 60 to 100 INR a month but now from only ads he is earning lakhs and youtube is also paying him. And if he does sponsorships from that also he earns a lot. He did a lot of deals till now. This means he has a lot of assets in his life. After getting successful, the first thing he did is he buy a home for himself and his parents. But yes this takes him a lot of time to collect money for the home but at last, he did it.

Then after getting success from youtube he started his business and generated revenue of more than 1 Crore. Also, he got sponsorship in 7 figures, in more than 10 lakh rupees. He also sells passion courses in which we learn how to find our passion and how we can make our passion into a profession & then earn money from them. 

Additionally, he got a freelancing website award for content creator, obviously play buttons from youtube and best Ebook writer for digital marketing.


Zeeshan Shaikh had also a great story behind his success which really inspired us a lot that how we can focus & achieve our goals by just following our passion.

The inspirational story of Zeeshan Shaikh is a boost of inspiration and motivation for all of us

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