Barog Tunnel – Himachal Most Haunted Tunnel

A story in which a soul has made many people realize their existence but the ghost doesn’t harm anyone. Shimla is a very good hill station and many people visit here every year. But here is such a haunted tunnel in which it is claimed to be a ghost, Tunnel no 33. It is the longest tunnel that connects Shimla to Kalka Route. This tunnel is also known as Barog Tunnel. It takes about 2.5 minutes to cross the tunnel.

Just as there are bad people in the world, there are good people in the world too. Similarly, in the world of ghosts, there are bad souls and there are good souls too. You must have heard the story of bad souls many times but today let’s talk about a good soul.

What Happened That Made This Barog Tunnel Haunted?

Colonel Barog constructs the Barog Tunnel, but he commits a major and difficult error that causes the entire project to fail. Barog began working on both sides of the mountain to construct the tunnel, but it was subsequently revealed that the tunnel’s courses did not correspond.

In the beginning, the colonel ignored this mistake, but later on, the difference in these paths became clear. This is important to rectify this tunnel mistake as soon as possible. British government gives the warning to colonel barog that if this problem is not rectified then Barog will have to pay a fine. This was a big and most important project for the colonel.

Barog made his all effort to solve this bigger problem, but this could not be rectified. Later the colonel was very sorry for this mistake that due to his miss calculation, the alignment of the tunnel went wrong. Due to this colonel comes in depressed. Coming into depression, Barog shot himself at the railway station and due to Barog’s soul not getting peace, his soul started wandering in the same tunnel. Today this tunnel is known as Barog Railway Station.

Tales Barog Railway Station

An accident happened to the tourist coming here. One day a tourist missed his train and left at barog railway station. At that moment, one unknown person came toward the tourist and started talking with him. The tourist asked the man about the Barog railway station. The man told everything about the barog railway station to that tourist.

The traveler was astounded by the man’s age and how such a young man knew so much about this. After a long conversation, the visitor said, “How do you know all of this?” The guy replied, “I am the one whose name is written behind you,” and when the tourist turned back, the name Barog was written over there, and when he turned back, that man disapproves.

Incident Happened at Barog Railway Station

Second another incident happened in this place when a small girl lost at the station. The girl was handed over to the station master by Barog himself and barog disappeared in front of the station master. incident.

Many people have seen Barog souls traveling in the train in the form of passengers and as soon as the tunnel cross is about to happen, that passenger disappears. Local people say that they have heard some weird voice coming from that tunnel. After clearing all these incidents this has led to the adoption of a friendly ghost. That’s why no one is afraid of Barog anymore.


Barog is referred to be a nice ghost, but when people see things like this for the first time, they get terrified, although it is not required that the ghost is frightening you.

When Ghost encountered the tourist, the visitor was brave, and when Barog’s soul vanished, the tourist was not terrified since the spirit’s aim was not to fear the tourist. I Hope, you’ll get fruitful and mysterious information on the most haunted place in India that is Barog Tunnel. 

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