Anubhav Dubey – The Man Who Creates The Tea Kingdom

What’s come to your mind when you talk about or think about a break? Is it Chai? No matter how much tension is going on in your mind, whether you have had a fight with your girlfriend if you want to take a break from the office if you want to go somewhere with friends, then what comes to your mind is it Chai Sutta? Keep Sutta on the side as it is very harmful. Let’s talk about only on Chai. Today we are describing the journey of Anubhav Dubey who made his place in everyone’s heart.

Would you believe that if I told you that I did a business of 100 crores from Chai? Hey guys, I’m Anubhav Dubey Founder of Chai Sutta Bar from Madhya Pradesh. But the conditions of everyone’s house used to live, so the condition of our house was not very good. Whenever we were in school, we had only one pair of dresses. So, whenever we used to come from school, mother used to take off that dress first and then wash it so that till tomorrow morning that dress would dry up and we could wear it and go to school.

Background Journey of Anubhav Dubey

Parents shipped Anubhav Dubey to Indore after 8th class for the studies. At Indore, I meet my friend Anand. All the friends we had, we all had only 100-200 rupees in our pockets. So, we have a second-hand mobile market in Indore by taking their pocket money, so we used to take mobile from there and we used to run that mobile for some days and all the people gave who gave us money, we would have given mobiles for 1-2 days for using. Then later we used to sell the same mobile in a profit. We used to earn some money by selling that mobile. So, we understood that we also get funding and we also earn profit from it. Moreover, through this pump, we both decided that we can also do business.

Whenever I talk to someone or meet someone, I try to know about him. What does he need, what is his problem? To talk to anyone or to bring your product to the market, you must first understand the people and it will be very important for you to recommunicate with them. Communication skill is a very important skill which is very important for every leader.

School Time Business Idea

After that, Anand started his business. My family member said that when our son became a big officer, they sent me to Delhi for the preparations for UPSC. I reside in Delhi and preparing for the examinations. Suddenly one day my friend Anand call me and said that my existing business was wrapping up and let’s start our school time business idea. The business was tea. I suddenly come to Indore without telling my family members about the start-up of the tea business.

The Starting Phase of Chai Sutta Bar

We are hunting different locations for the business start-up. It was a tea business to do. Now where to implement it, we started thinking about how to do it. Started brainstorming. After that, we decided a business name and the name is – Chai Sutta Bar.

Chai Sutta strikes very easily in anyone’s dim and nowadays retention is a lot of work for people. So, this thing sticks in the mind of people Chai Sutta Bar. We chose a small shop, which was the first godown of cement there, we liked that place very much. Because it was a corner, there were many trees in front of it. A positive departure was coming. So, we chose that shop. We invested 3 lakh rupees and they started getting exhausted so quickly that we got scared that if this money runs out, then we will not do anything further.

Now we could not leave it like this in the middle. When the business started, it had to be brought to an end. Moreover, when we started running out of money, then we came to know that there are so many jobs, so the labor required for each work, we started that work by ourselves. When there first day of our business, we both collaborate and decided that the first day we serve Chai free of cost.

Marketing Tactics Behind The Business

We have no money for marketing and brand promotion. Most importantly we both have an idea for the execution. The location of the business we finalize is next near to the girl’s hostel. There is one interesting reason behind it. If you attracted a crowd of girls, then the boys will come automatically.

So, we told friends that come and give you tea at the shop. And as soon as the boys came, the dummy crowd started forming. Seeing the crowd, people got into thinking that what this is selling, so many people got crowded near him. It was business open yesterday and how is it so crowded today? People thought that some brand had come. By seeing the crowd, the rest of the people also started coming in. By this method we engage a great exposure through our product.

Chai Sutta Bar Getting Charm

Day by day the crowd is becoming a large group. There was so much crowd that it was becoming very difficult to handle the people, whom to serve, whom to give tea of ​​which flavor, and how to manage the crowd outside the shop. It took 5 people for us to side with the crowd and handle it. It was 6 months that Business was getting more tremendous response. The family members felt that our son was preparing for UPSC but we were busy doing our business.

One day with great enthusiasm we went live on Facebook, showing people that this is our Chai Sutta Bar. So, one of our relatives see us on Facebook live and told our parents that their child is selling tea. Parents get shocked after hearing this news.

When the name of Chai Sutta Bar started becoming successful, then my parents became happy and people started knowing my parents by my name, then they relaxed and calm down. So, it’s been 4 and half years and we have more than 300 outlets. We sell more than 3 lakh Kulhar Chai in a day and this is probably the biggest figure in the world that we sell Kuhad Chai. Outside too, all kulhads are consumed with Chai and our motive is also that we should not be in any city but in every country and if the world drinks tea, then they should kiss the soil of our country.

Terminating Point

We started with 3 lakhs and today we have touched the graph of 100 crores above. Don’t know how these 4 years have passed. We have learned so many things during this time duration. So, courage is very important. It is very important to take your decision in your life. This is the age for you to run. You run, you may have fallen, but never take a back step from running.

The Success Story of Anubhav Dubey makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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