Annabelle – The Heart Wrenching Story

It’s a story of a doll that is not an ordinary doll. If we think of a doll, we imagine a beautiful model shaped like a gorgeous girl. This doll is also somewhat like that. A doll with a triangular nose, eyes with lashes only a low line of eyes, and artificial hairs of red color made of wool. The body of the doll is made up of cotton and cloth on it. It was also a regular doll that a person thinks of. Now the question is what is horrifying in the Annabelle doll? 

Origin Of Annabelle

The story of this doll starts in 1918. This year comic writer Johnny Gruelle write about the doll in a comic book name Raggedy Ann Stories. In this book, he wrote about a real incident that he experience. In the comic, he told that one day he was roaming around his house, and then in the backyard of his residence he found a doll that he had never seen before. Then he asked his neighbor about the doll but everyone said “No” to the doll.

The Doll Attacks To Individuals

Later, he doesn’t think much, and after going home he handover the doll to his daughter Marcella. She was a little girl and she loved the doll. She used to play the whole day with that doll. When Marcella was 13 years old, she suffered from a serious illness. She was given the wrong waxing dose by doctors and she died. One weird thing was that the doll was lost just before Marcella’s death. Johnny claimed that he had not seen that doll again. This means she found in a mysterious way and she lost in a mysterious way.

Then Doll came back to the world in 1970. She was blamed for demonic possessions, also many violent attacks, and 3-4 death experiences. This doll was gifted to a mature girl who was a student nurse named Donna. The doll was gifted by her mother on her birthday which made her day. Her mother had no idea she was buying a mystical doll. From childhood, Donna was so fond of dolls. It was a second-hand doll that her mother bought from a hobby store which was an antique shop. She took the doll to her flat and shared it with her flatmate name Angie. They used to put the doll on the sofa. They both were so happy and joyful in her presence as she welcomes everyone with her colorful structures.

Beginning Of Spooky Activities

After some time they both feel the movement of Annabelle. First, they left her on the chair in the living room when they came back home she was on the floor. Then they thought she must had fall down and they both ignored her. Afterward, they used to leave her on the bed of the doon’s room. But they come back to the flat after work they found her outside Angie’s door. Or sometimes left Annabelle in the living room and found her on doona’s bed. That was literally not a normal thing for all of us as human beings. 

The story of Annabelle became more threatening. Secondly, When Doona and Angie start finding notes on the Gate written on the parchment paper ” Help me” or “Help us”. The most startled was they both had never used parchment paper. The third fact, Donna and Angie both came late to home, and they saw red color marks on the chest of the doll. As they both were nurses they immediately come to know these red color marks are of blood.

How Did Annabelle Become Haunted?

After all such activities, both of them thought of calling a medium for solving the problem of paranormal actions. The medium came to their place and sat down with them and the Doll. He narrated the doll as Annabelle Higgins. The medium told that the flat in which they both were living, before was a field where a girl died who was 7 years old. A seven-year girl was fond of dolls and then the spirit of a girl came into the doll, Annabelle. That is why she became the haunted doll for them. Medium also mentioned that Annabelle only wants beloved and care from them. Doona and Angie were loving and sympathetic girls, they both felt very bad for Annabelle. Then they both decided to let the doll resides with them because they don’t want her to feel alone.

Lou’s Experience With Annabelle

Lou was Angie’s boyfriend. He was the only one who asked both Donna and Angie to return this doll because she looks so wired to him. One day Angie and Lou were spending time with each other in Angie’s room. After some time they both heard the rustling sound in donna’s room and she was not at home. For some time they were both scared. Then Lou went to Doona’s room and look out the whole room and there was no one except Annabella. She was sitting on a chair, not on the bed where doona left her last.

And he walked toward Annabelle and felt something happen to him, which was really scary, and cried out loud. After coming out of the room he felt pain in his chest and found claw marks as if someone had scratched him which was very unfortunate for him. As there was no one in the room only Annabelle she only had done all this. The most frightening thing was the claws vanished after two days as nothing happened before. Annabelle only hurts only Lou like she doesn’t like him or he had don’t something bad with her.

Anoint To Warrens

After this incident, Doona and Angie went to the priest and he told he had no idea about such things. The priest suggested going to Ed and Lorraine Warrens who was paranormal investigators. They told them that the spirit is not concerned about toys or the house and was not at all a benevolent soul. Warren claimed that the spirit wants to control people and wanted possession of Donna’s soul. Finally, they both then decided to shift to the back of the road so that they can get rid of the problems they were facing.

The priest bore a tour of the apartment and took Annabelle with them. The priest and Warrens face a lot of problems while going, their car breaks failed, the power steering failed and many other things happened all of the sudden in the car as Annabelle was in the car. As if she got angry that they were taking her away from Donna. The problem was little solved when Warrens sprinkled some holy water on Annabelle.

Warren’s Experience With Annabelle 

After vacating Annabelle from the apartment of Donna and Angie they address a lot of problems and paranormal activities. Ed and Warrens after coming home placed the doll in Ed’s study room think’s she would be safe there for some time. But after some duration, Warren found she was rising above the desk. He thinks that the spirit left the doll. But she again showed her movement as where ever she was left last, was not founded there and the position was changed. A priest came to Warren and he told them she is just a doll, she can’t do anything, and made fun of her. That was his massive mistake of him, as he met with an accident while going home. The priest survived but was badly hurt. He claimed just before the accident he saw Annabelle in the rear mirror. 

Then finally Ed and Warrens decided to lock her. She is kept in a glass case made with both wood and glass upon which two-three prayers are written. She is locked in the case properly so that she doesn’t roam freely in the house. Many guests in the house caught the movement of Annabelle in a case like she wanted to get out of the case. In this case, it is also mentioned that “POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN”.

Then a couple came into the Warrens museum and laughed at Annebelle saying “People still believe in such stupid things”. When the couple was on the way to their home on a motorcycle. They both were again talking about Annabelle and laughing at her. They lost control of the motorbike and crashed into a tree. The boy was dead on spot and the girl survived. 

Current Spot Of Annabelle

All these stories were told by Warren who died recently in 2019. Not other than warren told anything about Annabelle even not Donna and Angie spoke about her. Annabelle is still available in the Warrens Occult museum in Monroe, Connecticut if someone wanted to visit. In recent times, many horror films are made based on Annabelle’s true story but with somewhat changes in the story.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on the Annabelle

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