Ancient Aliens And Hindu Gods Behind Kailash Temple

Did Aliens Build Kailash Temple?

The answer is no. It was our ancestors! whose knowledge of engineering and architecture baffles western historians and architects. The glimpse of Kailash Temple raises a thousand in our minds. The questions are just like that – who built it, how did he build it, how much time it would have taken, and who tried to destroy it completely? Finding the answers to these questions wasn’t easy because we all know how our history has been manipulated in the past few decades.

Why Do We Call It Kailash?

It is a great name, but ultimately, we don’t know who named it. It is dedicated to Shivji and is surrounded by hills just like the Kailash in the Himalayas. Cave no.16 of Ellora is Kailash Temple. The devotees of Mahadev wanted to meditate in his presence. Therefore, replicating the architecture of the Kailash mountain, Rashtrakuta King Krishna of the 8th century started the construction of this temple. It took 7000 laborers and sculptors to build it. This temple is also the world’s largest monolithic structure. The whole temple is carved out of a single rock. You’ve seen this temple somewhere else also, can you recall?

Oh no! You can’t identify it. No worries I will tell you. You have seen this monument at the back of the 20 rupees notes. If you start imagining how this temple was constructed, thousands of intriguing questions will appear in your mind. Is this possible to build this temple with the help of just chisels and hammers? If yes, how much time it would have taken?   

The Structure of Kailash Temple

The interesting thing to notice is there is no scope for mistakes. One tiny mistake and you’ll have to build the whole temple all over again. After its inception, experts say that the temple is in complete symmetry and there is no mistake. The whole temple follows the rules of Vastu-Shashtra, the ancient architectural science of Bharat. Experts say that the carving started from the top and approx 2-5 lakh hard basalt rock was excavated in 18 years.

The interiors of the Kailash Temple have great sculpturing. Due to the lack of electricity, only 12 hours of work per day was possible. Mirrors and laws of reflection were used to direct light deep inside the caves. The top view symbolizes a grand chariot. The temple looked magnificent from afar.

What Kailash Temple Depicts?

One half of the temple depicts the event of Ramayana while the other half depicts Mahabharat. The shivling is in the sanctum-sanctorum of the temple. 2 elephant statues at the gate of the temple symbolize the guards considered very auspicious in Hinduism. There is an ancient art gallery around the temple depicting various stories of Shivji. Every statue in this temple depicts an event from various Hindu epics.

If you look at Bhagwan Vishnu, you will always find him in a very luxurious avatar, golden crown as well as wearing golden mace jewelry. While Mahadev’s avatar is quite simple, just the tiger skin and ashes on the body. That’s why even though you’ll find numerous statues in the courtyard but the sanctum-sanctorum is comparatively quite plain.

Can You Guess The Need To Carve So Many Statues In The Temple?

Temple had always been the center of knowledge. Our ancestors used them as a medium to transfer this knowledge to the coming generations. Therefore, these statues hold great wisdom in themselves. Sadly Aurangzeb, who destroyed numerous Hindu temples across Bharat including Kailash Temple as well. In 1682, Aurangzeb sent 1000 men to destroy this temple in just 3 years and many statues were desecrated. But in 3 years he finally realized that it was impossible to completely destroy this temple.

Aurangzeb couldn’t destroy this temple because the rock was too hard but our ancestors created magnificent art on the same hard basalt rock. This is the power of devotion to shiva. The temple had been painted numerous times but it was destroyed when Aurangzeb burned them in 1682. After so many brutal attacks this temple still stands tall and amuses engineers and scientists across the globe.

Last Words

This magnificent place that once would have resonated with the changes of holy mantras, is now nothing more than just a museum. But we have a hope that just like Grishneshwar Mahadev and Ramjanm Bhumi, this majestic Kailash Temple was also revived.

Hope you’ll get all the detailed mysterious information on the Kailash Temple

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