Alakh Pandey – Man Who Has Made 8000 Crore Unicorn Company

Alakh Pandey popularly known as Physics wallah sir among his followers is a Teacher and Entrepreneur who started his journey from being a teacher to a multi-billion dollar ed-tech startup that is helping students to crack tough exams. However, the journey of the physics wallah as most of us see it today was not that glamorous. Let’s check out the physics wallah aka alakh Pandey’s biography.

Early Life of Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, India. His family includes 5 members, his mother, his father, his small sister, and his wife (who married in 2022).

He belonged to a very poor family. Because of poor financial condition in 8th standard, he was about to leave his studies but later Alakh Pandey completed his elementary education at bishop johnson college, After completing his elementary education he started preparing for the engineering entrance exam IIT  but due to lack of money and high rates of coaching institutions he was not able to go to coaching.

After Realizing his situation, he knew he had no other option but to do self-study. Alakh Pandey dedicated a major part of the day to studying books, Solving questions on his own. After not clearing the entrance for the IIT, he managed to study at a local engineering college  Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur. After his BTech was completed in 2015. He discovered that he doesn’t have any goal in his life but to support his family, he started teaching in private coaching institutes to support his family.

How Did Physics Wallah Start His Career? 

When Alakh Pandey started teaching in private institutes after completing his degree, he used to think of how he can help unprivileged children who once like him are not able to afford the high tuition fees of coaching. His Desire to help the students lead him to create a youtube channel where he uploaded his lecture videos for free.

In an interview, he once said that when he started his youtube channel in 2017, there were 0 views on his videos and sometimes 2 likes which his mother and small sister used to do. But after some time he started getting some views and likes that made him believe that his videos are helping students who weren’t able to pay for tuition. As of 2022, his youtube channel has approx 8.6 million subscribers(86 lakhs)

Starting A Billion-Dollar Startup

When physics wallah first launched the app for students, it became a huge success that made other online teaching platforms like unacadmemy and byjus worried about their presence in the market.

Physics Wallah also started its own offline institutes for students that provide coaching to the students at a very low price. Recently his education startup was valued at approx 1.1 billion dollars challenging other established institutes that have been teaching students for a very long time.

Because of his popularity and trust among his students, His institute has become a leading destination for students who seek quality education at a very reasonable price. As per some news articles the institute app has active 6 million students who use the app.

Why Is Physics Wallah Famous?

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) is famous among students for his unique teaching style and easy explanations to understand hard concepts. His Startup also called physics wallah which provides tuition to students at a very nominal price as compared to other institutes.

Some Facts Related To Physics wallah:

  1. His startup is the 101st startup in  India to get unicorn status in 2022.
  2. Physics wallah was offered a massive salary of 40cr from unacademy but he refused the offer.
  3. Physics wallah is not an IITian.

According to the above mentioned story you probably got an idea that how did he faces hurdles and after facing many of these challenges he never looks back. He continuously thought of step forwarding in his life.

The Success Story of Alakh Pandey makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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