About Us

The story is one of the preferred ways of conversation that gives someone to think a better and deeper way of experience. Every person has a story in their life and defining their story is important to us. The questions come in our month how did they start? Whose connections did they experience? What they want to convey from their work.  A story is the experience of someone‘s feels during his / her struggling period.  That experience can motivate others too.  The unheard story is a platform that specially made to inspire all lovely people from great people who actually did a splendid job but merely get exposure.

Our main motto is to bring limelight to great social workers, entrepreneurs, and big achievers who made effort to bring certain and positive changes in this world.

Everyone in this world is important and plays a great role in representing an opportunity we wouldn’t hear if there were not there to confess it. Eventually, by knowing the experience of one‘s life, we come to know that which openings we might want to make a great more of. Moreover, the sky is the limit, and from this point, life becomes a great jar of choices to do something useful for this wonderful. Your one step might bring the bundles of opportunities for someone. We come up with the same thought of the process. The concept of the unheard stories defines those people who are not popular but made wonders in their life.

We believe understanding each scenario of a person but at the same time, also memorizing the importance of the story‘s person as a reminder is what we can achieve. Moreover, they share their experiences in life and simply put them to a higher plane what will help in our society to learn from their practices that will be beneficial to all as a whole.

A story becomes a part of everyone until it is told. The unheard stories is a platform for all great workers of society and entrepreneurs who can beautify their journey and inspires the whole wonderful world with their work.

Let’s hear the world with their work !!!