A Mysterious Journey of Roopkund Trek

Roopkund is a small water body that the people know as Skeleton Lake or Mystery Lake. It is one of the tourist spots on Roopkund Trek. It is located in the Himalayas, deeply covered and surrounded by snow glaciers which make it very less visible from afar. 

This place is a very popular trekking place because of the mystery and lot of stories behind this. It is situated in Uttrakhand, India at a high altitude of  5029m. This place was discovered by the Hari Kishan Madhwal, a forest range in Nanda Devi National Park in 1942. The height of the lake Roopkund is 16500 feet from sea level.

The Roop Kund Lake became frozen from the top in winter. But its transparency can make you see the skeletons at the bottom of the lake which makes this place scary. In summer the floating bones in the lake are the views of the time.

Roopkund: A Place Full of Mystery

This place freaks out people who visit this place. A place where you will see a lot of human skeletons on its edges and also inside the lake. The environment during winter makes this place scarier because it is located in a snowy valley and the snow-covered glaciers will be standing there. 

There are human skulls and bones which make you feel the terror around the valley for decades. The skulls have been cracked which shows that the human have been hit with some round object on their head. The death of those people is still a mystery. It is covered by a lot of theories and myths which are yet to be unveiled. 

There are more than 500 skeletons have been found their some of them still have flesh on the bones. With the bones, there are things like leather slippers, rings, and wooden artefacts which are found in the lake. The silence around this place gives a chilling wave in the body and a different feeling from the inside.

Travel destination

On the Roopkund trek, different travel destinations are best known for tourism and are also loved by those who visit these places. Some of those places are:

  • Roop Kund: A mysterious lake located inside the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Roopkund is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places, giving a breathtaking view of the beautiful mountain scenery. May end to October is the best time to visit Roopkund Trek in the summer season. One of the best trek experiences is available here.
  • Bedni Kund: Part of Bedni Bugyal is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This lake is found at a height of 3,354 metres which is very above sea level approximately about 11,004 feet. It is a very popular pilgrim place for the Hindu religion. The purpose of people to visit here is the devotion of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. 
  • Hemkund Lake: This place is known for the religious belief of the Sikh religion as they took a bath in this water during their visit to Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara which is related to the tenth guru of Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh Ji. people came here and dived into that lake.

This lake is at a height of 15200 from the sea level. This beautiful lake is surrounded by seven glaciers. Which increases its beauty and also the beautiful scenery behind the Gurudwara Sahib Ji.

Way to Roopkund

A challenging trekking route that is not properly constructed and is formed on the rocks of the route. A dangerous trek with the risk of death at any point in time if you are not careful on the path. A journey full of adventure with the alluring and mesmerizing beauty of nature all over the place.

The beautiful greenery and the glaciers. Also, the cold sense of wind through the body makes you feel much more excited for the trekking, and amazing destinations like Roopkund full of mystery await there. This trek is also most popular and visited by travellers because of the skeletons found at this place which make this mysterious along with its beauty.

Rookund Lake trek distance is 27km which is one way. The starting point of this trek is Lohagunj and it ends at Kathgodam.

Stories about roop kund

There are a lot of beliefs and stories about this place that are told by the people who believe in these mythologies. Some of them are:

  • People believe that this kund is formed by Lord Shiva with his Trishul from which goddess Parvati drank water and quenched her thirst on her way to Kailash. Also, people say that when she saw herself in that water she took a bath and groomed herself because of which this place is known as Roopkund.
  • Some stories behind those skeletons found there are of those people who died from any pandemic or an injury due to hailstorm on those people which caused their death.
  • Another one is that those people are Japanese soldiers who died during World War 2 or can be pilgrims on a religious trip.

But there is nobody who knows the actual truth behind the carcasses found in there. According to some people, the bones found there are larger compared to the modern human being. Scientists have some scientific reports about those people which belongs to different periods.

Sum up

If you want to have an amazing trekking experience it is a must-visit trek full of heart thrilling and adventurous paths with beauty all around. From 70,000 years the skeletons found in the lake and outside the lake become a mystery. Moreover, the curiosity to know about this place has grown with the passing years which makes this place more acknowledged. 

You have to prepare with all the basic things that will be needed on the trek of Roopkund. Make your heart strong and your body healthy if you want to enjoy this trek with your friends and family. It is a kind of scary place and also a religious place because of the temples on this path. But overall it is gonna be an amazing experience.

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