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A Man Who Never Stops In Front of His Failures – Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik Biography 

Today we talk about one of a famous personality i.e., is Digital Pratik. Pratik Singh Chudasma, better known as Digital Pratik, for its Digital Marketing skills.

He is a Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Social Media Communicator, and practitioner of social media platforms. The way he started his journey was back in Gujrat city. His starting point was in the city district of Gujarat.

His father owns a small business of printing visiting cards and saves a small amount of money at the end of the month through his small business. With this Pratik realized that he had to study well. Pratik was good in his studies.

He completed his schooling at Vandana School until the sixth grade. After that, he was admitted to High School to complete his higher education. After passing successfully from school he decided to do B. Tech from DDIT College.

Digital Pratik First Step in Job

In the starting days of his college, he realized that he has not made up for engineering. And he decided to drop out the college. And you also know that dropping out of college is very difficult. Then his friend convinced him to apply for the call center job. Pratik decided to give an interview in a call center company. He does not have formal clothes, he borrowed formal clothes from his friend and he has only 300 rupees

He has cleared all his interviews regarding the call center job. It is the first job of his life and he used to get 9700 rupees per month. Pratik was performing well in his job. Within 2 years, Pratik becomes the Head of Customer Services. One day, Pratik saw a banner and, on that banner, there is written earn money up to 5000 – 10,000 per month. 

At there, Pratik has to invest 25 dollars. He had no money to invest because from his job he only saves up to 3000 rupees. At that time, he contacts one of his friends and borrowed money from that and he invests in it. Pratik was new in the digital journey without any training and guidance.

Pratik Sacrifices in his Struggling Period

After investing money, he had to suffer from a loss. After suffering from loss, he has to return the money which he has taken from his friend. Then, he has 3000 rupees as his savings. He starting taking two meals a day and one meal cost up to 60 rupees. It means that he has to invest 100 – 200 rupees in a day for his meal. 

All his savings going into a food expense. He thought that he has to save a little bit amount and he starts taking Pani-Puri as his meal. 10 Rupees Pani-Puri as a one-time meal. By this, he used to save 100 – 100 rupees and give them to his friends. From that, he understood one thing that he has to be consistent, hard work in learning digital marketing and applying different strategies without having money. 

Pratik has learned all things related to the digital marketing field. He could only invest in his learning and on time. Mostly he invests in certain areas like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO. He also started blogging on different websites. While searching on the internet about online marketing he saw a banner for the Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

Pratik Life First Rejection

He contacts that institute and they said that they are offering both online and offline courses. Pratik finds out that there is months course costing 60,000 rupees. He talked to a sales executive and enrolled in a course on EMI. At that time, Pratik has again taken money from his friend. After one month he was rejected from that institute because he had no money to pay 2 EMI. 

Pratik has made up his mindset the institute that fired me, I will go again there. Then Pratik starting saving more money as a digital marketing guy. He has done many things as a side hustle like – Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc. Pratik gets a job in digital marketing and in 3 months he saves a good amount of income. 

Pratik gets enrolled in a course from that institute from where he was rejected. He has done his course with full power, motivation, dedication, and full of passion. After completion of the course, this institute appoints Pratik as a Digital Marketing Trainer. 

Digital Pratik Delhi Journey

Now, he has to go to Delhi and he has never gone outer side from the state Gujrat. He has only 10,000 rupees in his bank account. When he stepped into Delhi, he has to find a room where he can stay. At that time also, he has called his friends to help him out but no one comes forward to help Pratik. 

Pratik has taken 30,000 thousand rupees from his mentor who offered him a job as Digital Marketing Trainer. He returns money to his mentor every single month. In 2015-16 he starts making YouTube videos because at that time YouTube was just booming. So, he started recording gratitude videos, digital marketing tips, and tricks videos. 

He started his freelancing journey by getting clients and making more money. Pratik was promoted twice in his digital marketing trainer job in 9 months. Pratik gets awarded as an awesome trainer on 14 April 2016. In July 2018 he decided to left a job and do all the things on his own. Since 2018 people calling Pratik by its brand name (Digital Pratik). 

At that time Pratik feels very proud of himself for having its digital marketing clients and making Lakhs of money. Pratik believed that 

“The more you give, the more you will receive”

Digital Pratik University

Digital Pratik University‘ is one solution if you want to learn and apply digital marketing strategies with each step-by-step video tutorial. It teaches people how to create an online brand that makes money through digital advertising – which includes mindset education, brand building, and digital presence.

Digital Pratik Podcast

This is an active podcast in India that transforms digital readers into functional digital diamonds. Digital Pratik is “Indian Romeo” for building a successful and powerful personal product by bringing value to others.

The Success story of Digital Pratik is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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