The real south indian dosa king

A Man who jumped farm to fork – P. Rajagopal

A birth frame of P. Rajagopal

Late. P. Rajagopal was a celebrity of the south Indian vegetarian cuisines. He is renowned for the chain of his Sarvana Bhawan restaurants throughout the world. Mr. P. Rajagopal belonged to a rural family of Tamil Nadu. He took birth in Punnaiyadi village at Tamil Nadu on 5th August 1947. His father worked as an onion seller and his mother was a housewife.

However, during those days, P. Rajagopal’s family did farming work. But child Rajagopal had a deep wish to do something different from his ancestral work. Therefore, he went to a local area school and became a little bit, educated person. At his young age, he started a grocery shop at KK Nagar, Madras in 1968.

How he became a Dosa King and owner of the Saravana Bhavan?

While Rajagopal started a general grocery store in Madras, then he also wants to do something more. Subsequently, he reached Chennai and worked as a busboy over there. Meanwhile, he started to clean the tables and chairs at other restaurants in Chennai. This place offers him new ways to reach success.

With little education but more experience, he entered into the business field. Consequently, he bought a vanishing resort, named Kamatchi Bhawan, at Chennai. Due to the strong willpower of opening his own restaurant, P. Rajagopal (businessman) changed this Bhawan into a new look with a new name. Moreover, it was his first restaurant that he opened under the name P. Rajagopal Saravana Bhavan or Sarvana Bhavan mainly.

Blind belief in Astrology and marriages of P Rajagopal

Mr. Rajagopal had blind faith in astrology. He started his journey as a hotel owner after consulting a famous astrologer at that time who advised him to choose an occupation related to fire. This astrological prediction took him on a great hike but also fall him down after a period of success. Mr. P. Rajagopal firstly married Miss Valli in 1972. From this marriage, the couple was blessed with two sons, named Shiva Kumar and Saravanan.

Again considering astrological advice, he married another woman, named Kiruthika in 1994. The lady he selected as his second wife was the wife of his employee at Saravana Bhavan. The race of success with other competitors in the market drowned him more astrological predictions. Therefore, P Rajagopal Saravana Bhawan owner decided to marry third times with the wife of another employee at Saravana Bhavan. At that time, he became famous for the chains of his restaurants in India.

Why the owner of Saravana Bhavan P Rajagopal condemns as a homicide?

The shining star of the south, P Rajagopal followed the astrological forecast seriously. Similarly, he chose a girl, named Jivajothi. He proposed to that lady but she rejected him. The reason considered as she was already married to an employee of Saravana Bhavan restaurant, called Prince Santha Kumar. That girl was also the daughter of one of his employees. As per the past of Mr. P. Rajagopal(businessman), he called as a kind heart man to his team.

Furthermore, he offered incentives and gifts on festivals to his all workers at every corner of India where he opened his resorts. He also provided marriage funds, housing loans, and pensions to all his employees and helped them to secure their future. All the workers of every branch respected him and called him “Annachi” which means big brother.

Now continued with P. Rajagopal’s third marriage, Mrs. Jivajothi rejected him many times. It looks indigestible for a successful businessman. He kidnapped Jivajothi and her husband, Prince Santha Kumar in the years 2000-2001. She was badly harassed by him and her husband was killed on the spot. The dead body of Jivjothi’s partner found at the Tiger Chola forests in Kodaikanal, Chennai on 31st October 2001. At the same time, he opened his first international Saravana Bhavan in Dubai.

Besides this, Jivajothi fought for justice for her husband’s death and herself too. In the year 2004, he convicted as a culprit with eight other people. He was ordered 10 years imprisonment by the honorable Madras session court. After that, in the year 2009, the Saravana Bhavan owner challenged the session court’s orders in Madras High court but he got failure in his attempts. Then he got life imprisonment in 2009 by the Madras High court.

Death cause of International Saravana Bhavan restaurants owner

Moreover, the owner of Saravana Bhavan restaurants opened many international chains of his south Indian hotels n several countries like New York, London, Canada, Dubai, etc. at the time of his imprisonment. He again challenged the Madras High court’s orders in Supreme Court in the year 2019. But the honorable Supreme Court rejected his appeal and sentenced him as a murderer.

At the age of 72, he again put a plea to the Supreme Court for bail. He explained the medical health issues in his plea for bail. But the Supreme Court again rejected his appeal and ordered him to live in prison-like other culprits. On the 7th of July, P. Rajagopal surrendered in front of the higher authorities. During his imprisonment, he was sick and shifted to the Stanley medical hospital under the supervision of court authorities. On the 13th of July, he shifted to the Vijaya Hospital Chennai, where he died due to a heart stroke on July 18th.

As per a survey of 2017, the Dosa king P.Rajagopal had 39 restaurants in India and more than 43 restaurants out of India. If we calculate his annual turnover, then it is nearly 29billions. The Saravana Bhavan owner set a milestone of his name at the national and international level besides everything. The Success story of P. Rajagopal is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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