A man who Changed The System of Marriage – Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is the company’s founder and CEO of shadi.com. He is well-known for his Shark Tank television show. Millions of people took him as a business idol which was a great opportunity for him. Anupam faces a lot of problems in his life. Furthermore, Mittal founded shaadi.com in 1996 while living in the United States. By 2008, Shaadi.com has grown to become the world’s top Asian matrimonial website, with millions of members as of 2011. Globally, the firm has over 30 million subscribers and 3.2 million success stories.

He is the most Entrepreneur in India. Anupam is the chairman of the people group. Mr. Mittal invested in more than 200+ companies like Ola, Just Ride, Interactive Avenues. These companies become the most innovative profitable companies. At Shaadi saga, he works as Advisor. Indians were more traditional and unwilling to arrange weddings through a new company, Shaadi.com early success was among NRIs.

Anupam Mittal Background

Here has a journey of a lead investor Mr. Anupam Mittal. His Birthdate was 23 December 1971. Moreover, His educational qualification was MBA in operations as well as strategic Management at Boston College. Mittal’s father’s name is Mr. Gopal Krishana Mittal as well as Mother’s name is Mrs. Bhagwati Devi Mittal. Furthermore, his wife’s name is Anchal Kumar. She is a model. Their marriage was done in Jaipur. Anupam had two elder sisters. he had one Daughter. In addition, Mittal’s occupation is Angle Investor as well as Entrepreneur. His hobbies are traveling, singing.

Anupam Mittal Early Life

He bears a big failure as well as business losses as well as failed about 3-4 times in India. He then traveled to Europe, where he failed once more. Then he traveled to the United States to get an MBA. Moreover, He also returned to India, where his family requested a priest for his engagement, and the priest accepted payment for mismatching the horoscope. He got his start in internet culture in the United States at the time.

Companies Of Anupam Mittal

Moreover, he was inspired as well as formed Sagai.com after some time he change the name that is SHAADI.COM. He becomes a huge company in India. When these companies were started in 1996. In India Internet was not widely because of: –

  • Sustain
  • Less funds->less users->less growth
  • Anupam Mittal developed Makaan.com, one of the most prominent sites for online real estate, in addition to Shaadi.com.
  • Following Tiktok’s restriction in India, Anupam introduced the app, which is a short video sharing app and is presently one of its most successful video applications in India.
  • Anupam is also a founder member and previous president of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), as well as the founding co-chairman of H2 India.
  • Anupam also worked with Microstrategy as a Product Manager from 1998 to 2002.
  • He is also an advisor to Gripp and KE Capital. In Shadi Saga, he works as a consultant. He was a member of the Zepo board of directors.

Anupam Mittal Net Worth

Probably, he is an active investor who has invested in more than 94 companies, as well as his net worth, is about $25 million.

Anupam Mittal Recognition

  • Anupam Mittal received the Karam veer Puskar.
  • In contrast, Mittal listed in ‘top 100 NRI in North Americam was awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of year’ by IT People.
  • MR. MITTAL listed as ’25 people to watch out for by The Week Magazine.


The Success Story of Mr. Anupam Mittal makes the biggest impact on people’s life. Friends, I hope you like the Anupam Mittal Biography, net-worthy, recognition, personal life.

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