A man building a multicore business from Rs.50 – Abhishek Rungta

Who is Abhishek Rungta?

Abhishek Rungta is the founder and CEO of Indus Net Technologies. He is a successful entrepreneur, digital strategy consultant, Offshore Outsourcing expertise, Marketing as well as technology geek, Angel investor, and venture builder.

Educational background

He has excelled at B.com. (Hons.) in accounting in St. Xavier’s College as well as he did MSc. Multimedia Technology from the University of Bath. He went to have a degree in technology as he felt that no one would take him seriously until and unless he had a degree. Furthermore, he is a graduate of NIIT (Software Exports). He pursued his course at Stanford University Graduate School of Business from the year 2019 to 2021. Besides these, he pursued his executive education in strategy implementation at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Career Journey

He built his business from a seed capital of 10000 he started selling domains in 1997 and at that time he was the owner of the largest company in Kolkata selling domain names having 90% market share in Kolkata which was an enormous triumph in itself.

One day when he was reading the newspaper, he viewed an advertisement for the Computex exhibition about technology. There he thought there would be no benefit of only viewing things what if he could sell things then he managed to have a table.

He picked up the word “Indus” from their “net” from the Internet as well as having an interest as well as working with technology he took the word “technology” and had a company named “Indus net technology” Then he had a website Indus-net.com he had domain name as well as the website from another the company the fascinating fact was that, he didn’t pay for the domain name and used free domain name for 3 months then it was discontinued.

 After a period, he realized that the domain which was being sold for 10000 or more was only of 3500 thus he went online starting registering he set up a name as Tallash.net afterward he went abroad to study and her sister was handling the company.

He was the only one to sell the domain name in 1500 Rs. In Kolkata. He decided either to become a registrar or to build his development business he left the business. Then again, he stepped into it the company provides digital strategy consulting and offshore outsourcing companies provide services to the digital industry.

He is also a partner in a seeders company that helps young entrepreneurs to seed and grow their dream ventures. Abhishek is co-founder of Energy Tech Venture as well as director at Indus Net Techshu Digital Private limited. H served as president at TiE Kolkata.

He invested in The Morpheus. In 1999 he used to work at Open World plc. Against-time designer/developer as well as in Shah & Chowdhury Associates, here his job was to sell their financial product “ loan against the equity. He used to help field officers in day-to-day working, coordinating between schools where the program was adopted, organizing events many more.


He was born in Kolkata in a middle-class Marwari family. His sister’s name was Ankita. He is happily married having two incredible children. He is a very humble, hardworking, determined personality.

Net worth

Commencing a business of valuation of Rs., 40 crore is a great achievement in itself. The company had a turnover of 1 lakh in 1st year. In the next financial year, the aim is to achieve the target of Rs. 60 crore as well as to expand their customer-based targeting services.

Unstoppable efforts

The extremely hardworking, determined, and unstoppable journey of Abhishek Rungta is fascinating. Besides his entrepreneurial career, he contributes a lot to the uprising of the young entrepreneur. He is motivation to all, not to stop the efforts as they ultimately result in triumph.

The Success Story of Abhishek Rungta makes the biggest impact on people’s life.

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