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Priyanka Khimani has long been the go-to counsel for troubled Bollywood stars. She may have a long list of famous clients, but she is still the heroine of her narrative. Priyanka hasn’t always had it easy as the Co-Founder and Lead Partner of Anand & AnandKhimani. Priyanka was raised in a Mahim chawl by a family with little financial means. She was, nevertheless, a clever student who won multiple writing and theatre competitions, created school plays, and competed in elocution contests.  

Early Age

At the age of 15, Priyanka wrote her first TV show. The show’s name is Tamanna House which is concluded on ZEE TV. Her father died while she was creating new screenplays and establishing her road to success. Priyanka had to prepare herself to take on the family’s responsibilities. As the lone earner in the family, she worked hard to make ends meet and made judgments based on what may become a solid source of revenue for her. She opted to study biotechnology while also writing for television series as a side career.   

The astute attorney then established a high standard for herself by handling high-profile matters in the entertainment business. Priyanka approaches each day as an opportunity to learn something new, and it is her tenacity and perseverance that have propelled her to success. That is why Priyanka Khimani is an ideal candidate who wins the series. 

Professional Path 

When it comes to the law, that was entirely by chance. During her last semester of biotech, she studied one tiny module on patent law, which was a significant trend at the time. A technical background is required to practice patent law. So, Priyanka Khimani felt this was fantastic since I wasn’t going to squander all of my years in biotech. 

Hurdles Faced by Priyanka Khimani

Priyanka faced many difficulties during her journey. It is an industry dominated by males and individuals much older than me and other young attorneys. So, you’re up against two major challenges. Priyanka doesn’t believe that she was able to dwell on it too much when she was younger, as a professional, and even while Khimani was establishing her company. It’s ok until they believe you’re no longer relevant. But it’s not until they realize you’re relevant or have some type of authority that you realize how deeply ingrained the bias is. 

What Does Entertainment Lawyer Do?

As far as celebrities are concerned, you are their manager, agent, confider. As an entertainment lawyer, you are negotiating deals for them also helping them with closed contracts. When you see Vishal Dadlani on Indian Idol, as well as Kapil Sharma on his show or some else famous personality an entertainment lawyer comes in and negotiates to make sure that the celebrities are protected when they are on the show.

You see some actors endorsing some different brands, those are the kind of deals or relationship where an entertainment lawyer come and negotiate for them, and decide what they can or what they cannot do. Priyanka states and hopes that all my clients are staying away from trouble.

So, in all of these high-pressure, stressful situations and make sure that you always be there to protect your client and interest because they are not public figures.

Lawyer Behind Sonu Nigam & Mika Singh

One of the first case that put Priyanka on the map, where Sonu Nigam swings Mika Singh for infringement, violation of his personality rights. This is the type of situation, where Priyanka enters the case and defends the case. The world of entertainment law is extremely interesting, challenging and it’s not one law, it’s everything that you need to apply on your mind too.


Priyanka shares her own story of becoming a lawyer, picking up skills spanning business, legal, crisis management, and more, and her experience working on landmark matters affecting our media & entertainment landscapes.

The Inspiration Story of Priyanka Khimani Makes a good impact on Youngster life.

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