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A Girl Who Overcome Indians Mentality – Richa Kar

Richa Kar Initial Life

Richa Kar was born in Jamshedpur and hails from a completely traditional own circle of relative’s backgrounds. She finished her training at the reputed university of BITS Pilani and then she works for an IT company. After that, she proceeded to the Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies to finishing her master’s in 2007. Richa’s father does a job in TATA STEEL and her mother is a housewife. 

Richa was very brilliant in her studies, and every time she comes first, she did engineering after 12 and also did an MBA. Richa has worked as an Area Manager and Business Consultant in Well Known Company.

Tweets About Richa Kar Struggling Time

If you want to grow the start-up of your business, you will have to go through a struggle period and keep your vision very clear. When Richa Kar thought that I am going to do business in the lingerie industry just as our Indian society starts judging us, so many people have judged Richa many times. Richa’s mother was also against her idea, she said that what we say to the people that we taught our daughter so much, and today she did this kind of business. 

Richa Kar Zivame Company Profile 

Richa used to think that such a business should be done, due to which a revolution came in the market, she had many ideas in her mind, but once such an idea came in her mind, she noticed a big problem which is very common in India. In 2011 the market was very untapped and there was a need for a brand in the market so that market should be run in an organized way, and after analysing all the factors a condition of the market, Richa Kar started a company whose name was Zivame

There is a potential inside every industry that it can make your particular company billionaire and even trillion. But there is a need that your particular product and services should solve the market problem and bring a new revolution inside the market. 

A company like zivame has also solved many problems in the market and has also brought a revolution together. Even today, in India, many women when they go to purchase innerwear, they have to face many problems. Where innerwear is sold, there are male salesmen in most places because of which the women of India are unable to express their feelings properly in front of them. 

Richa Kar thought that she would organize this unorganized market very well through her company’s website so that women could express their feelings well. Innerwear is such a thing that we do not take it to show anyone else but for our comfort. Richa’s goal was that you should be comfortable in the right way and together you can buy whatever you want to purchase that’s why she put in her tagline – “Love Yourself Inside Out”. 

The Fascinating Science of Zivame Net Worth

When Richa used to go to see someplace for her business, people used to ask her what do you want to do, she used to tell that she wants to do business of lingerie, then people made fun of her idea. People told Richa that this is not a business, keeping in mind all the things, she did not give up, Richa has a clear vision for this business. 

Within 2015-2016, the company also had a loss of 50 crores, but Richa did not give up, she continued to grow her company properly and till the end of 2020, the total turnover of Zivame was near about 340 crores.

The Intriguing Psychology Behind Company Success

With fellow benefactor Kapil Karekar who left the organization in 2012, Kar acquired Rs 30 lakh from her friend to fund her new undertaking. They dispatched from little office space on August 25th, 2011, accepting their first request 5 hours after the fact. As the business developed, the organization looked for subsidizing, bringing $9 million up in two rounds from financial backers including IDG Adventures, Kalaari Capital, and Unilazer Adventures. Within three years of its dispatch, Zivame had developed from a little activity to a group of more than 200 individuals. 

And now, Zivame introduces more than 5000 different varieties and 100 plus sizes in the market. Richa created a blogging website of her company and started posting daily blogs on it and started educating every Indian women customer about innerwear and refer her brand properly. Richa kept consultants at Zivame’s stores, due to which Indian women visit their store, that consultant also guides them properly, which product will be right for them. 

Zivame Ressolve Customer Problems

If you purchase any product through Zivame and if you feel that the size is not correct or there is any problem in fitting then you can return the product and you will not be asked any kind of question from another side. You can easily return your product and get back your cash payment. Zivame takes its brand to the customer in a very correct way within the market through different marketing strategies. As of today, Zivame has 800 indirect partners and 60+ offline stores. 

At such a second, ladies get authentic and share extraordinary accounts of their lives also. A great deal of ladies cooperates with us on our site as well and we become acquainted with their issues or disappointment with their sizes. What’s more, we attempt to resolve these issues, either through items, administrations, or conferences.


Richa Kar who doesn’t care about other people thoughts and starts her successfull cpmpany – Zivame. And Now, the zivame makes its special place in every indian women heart. It is the company that resolves every problems of indian womens. The Inspiration story of Richa Kar is making the biggest impact on people’s life

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