Abhinandan Varthaman - The Unheard Stories (1)

A Commander who made our Nation feel Proud – Abhinandan Varthaman

Who Is Abhinandan Varthaman

Abhinandan Varthaman serves as the Wing Commander in the Indian Airforce. Abhinandan was born on 21 June 1983 his village is near Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. He was selected for a fighter post in the Indian Air Force on 19 June 2004.

Abhinandan was fearless and brave since childhood. In 2011 he takes part in the TV show and there he said that – “It is necessary for a pilot that he should be a good fighter. The work of the army is for my people. We have to maintain our weapons even in difficult times”.

The story of Abhinandan is no less than a film but it is a real story. On 14 February 2019 Jaish-E-Mahomed targeted a CRPF bus in Pulwama and 40 soldiers were martyrs in it.

Abhinandan Varthaman Family Background

Abhinandan family lives in Chennai. His father’s name is Simhakutty Varthaman who has worked in the Indian Air Force and he has experience of flying for 4000 hours. Abhinandan’s mother is a doctor. 

Abhinandan Varthaman Social Presence

Many Bollywood celebrities and politician have expressed their happiness on Twitter after returning Abhinandan to India. But the true fact is wing commander Abhinandan has no social presence.

How Pakistani Army Detained Abhinandan Varthaman

On February 26, the Indian Air Force flew to Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and dismantled a terrorist training camp. As a result, Pakistan sent its air force to India with the deadly F-16 the following day on 27 February.

Wing manager Abhinandan Varthaman appeared to respond. He showed his courage with his MiG-21 and attacked his enemies. According to a statement issued by the Indian Air Force and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “In response to an Indian Air Force MiG-21 aircraft, an F-16 sent by Pakistan crashed, but unfortunately, the Indian plane crashed.

Abhinandan left the aircraft and ejected and through parachute, he fell down, Varthaman had a gun, and he had only one means of rescue that he dropped down his gun and he tried to run away.

Pakistan Released Abhinandan Varthaman

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said in Parliament that an Indian soldier would be released on March 1. On March 1, at about 9:15 pm, Pakistani soldiers gave greetings to the Indian Army. He was returned to India on behalf of the Atari Bagha Border.

There was a video in which, Abhinandan called Indian Media Badly. He said that – “2 soldiers of Pakistan Army rescued me, given First-Aid facility, they took me to the hospital, Pakistani Army which is very professional. Indian media shows the smallest thing very vividly”.

The Inspiring story of Abhinandan Varthaman is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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