3 Kings Church – Most Haunted Place of Goa

When you hear the name of the church, things related to blessings and worship come to mind. There is no such thing as a ghost that comes to your mind. A resting place for a noble soul. We don’t need to be terrified of ghosts in a church, obviously. But can a god and a ghost live in the same space? This reasoning may lead to scientific concepts. We, on the other hand, go with our gut feelings. Today in this article, we are discussing the mysterious story of 3 Kings Church. So, without wasting any kind of time let’s start reading it.

In Goa, there is a church where people may express their emotions, and also you can understand the language there. The church offers a nice view of the surrounding region. The view of the ocean and agricultural fields from the hill is very magical. The beautiful green fields on one side keep the eyes engaged, and the deep blue ocean on the other side.

All About 3 Kings Church

The 3 Kings Church was made in 1599 at Cansulim, 15 kilometers from Veloso in South Goa. People who prefer to wander about the church or in the evening, when the church is generally closing, might hear the sounds of some emotions and strong personalities for a short period of time. Those ghosts never harmed anyone. This church looks as beautiful in the afternoon as it is haunted at night. People became terrified when they realized that someone was standing near the door.

The ghosts are said to be three kings. Behind the church’s ghost aspect is a narrative of power’s hunger. There were three Portuguese kings that resided there a long time ago. They were all determined to govern alone. They were usually at clashes with one another. One of the kings, Holger Alvunger, asked the other two kings to rest in the church. The date was January 6th. His “Last Supper” was like that. A number of tourists to the church have claimed to have experienced unexplained, ghostly encounters.

King Holgar killed the other two kings where they had come to make peace and stability. But he deviated from the plan. The followers of the deceased kings were angry and rushed there to kill the criminal. Holger committed suicide by drinking poison. 

Films Shotted In 3 Kings Church

The Three Kings Church has become a popular filming location. The most recent is ‘Finding Fanny.’ A sequence from the 2008 film Bhoonath starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, was also shot here.

Opportunities for Tourist

Visitors come to the area because of its beauty and the views it offers. The location has become a popular must-see site for domestic tourists visiting Goa. Aside from that, many Goans come here for a picnic. There are no stores or residences on the hill, only the church. Travelers frequent the location yet might appear isolated at times. Police monitor the neighborhood on a daily basis to keep an eye on things.


If you really are interested and want to investigate the site yourself, make sure to arrive before 6 p.m. as visitors are not permitted on the church grounds after sunset.

I Hope, you’ll get fruitful and mysterious information on the most haunted place in India that is Kuldhara Village. 

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