14-year Boy Turned Into An Artificial Intelligence – Tanmay Bakshi

The Beginner’s Guide to Tanmay Bakshi Life Story

Today we will talk about a boy who has learned Computer Programming, Computer Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning at the age of 13 and also made an App for iPhone users. Yes, you guessed right – It’s Tanmay Bakshi. Tanmay was born on 16 October 2003 in New Delhi. Tanmay’s father Puneet Bakshi does computer programming for several years. Tanmay got an interest in computer programming after seeing his father’s work. 

Tanmay was interested in new things since childhood. He started learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the age of 7. To learn this, Tanmay took the help of Google and also read many books and he learned Artificial Intelligence. Tanmay started his YouTube channel in the same 7 years. Bakshi has more than 3 Lakhs+ subscribers on his YouTube channel and starts uploading tutorials related to computer programming, computer coding. Bakshi is teaching Artificial Intelligence to all the big scientists, software engineers in the world by live streaming on his channel. 

The Colourful History of Tanmay Bakshi Rise to Fame

At the age of 9, Tanmay Bakshi took out a bug in the IBM program and took a screenshot of it, and put it on his Twitter handle. When the CEO of IBM came to know about this bug, he called Tanmay to his office. The CEO of the company introduce Bakshi to software engineers of IBM company. Tanmay is an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He also got an Award of “IBM Champion for Cloud”. 

Tanmay Bakshi has written his first book at the age of 13. The title of the book is “Hello Swift”. Bakshi providing services of Machine Learning, Computer Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Coding to India’s top companies like – IBM, Apple, Google.

The Fascinating Science of Tanmay Bakshi Success

The ideal of Tanmay Bakshi is Steve Jobs. Tanmay wants to make his operating system just like Steve Jobs. He never gives up just like his ideal. Bakshi improves himself day by day. Whatever success Tanmay Bakshi has achieved, there is only one reason for this and that is consistency. Tanmay started learning coding at the age of 5, started his YouTube channel at the age of 7, created an app for iPhone at the age of 9, wrote his book at the age of 13. You always be consistent in your work and one day you will get success. 

Today if the child does not get anything, then he loses his control. But Tanmay Bakshi never loses his control. All the distractions came into his life but Tanmay didn’t give up. If a person wants success, then he needs to have control over himself. Today Tanmay Bakshi discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the world’s biggest scientists, growing her YouTube channel successfully there is an important skill for all those things and that is communication skill.One who has communication skills can do anything in this world. 

Being a media character, he’s been highlighted in the Toronto Star, on the first page of The Vancouver Sun, imagined in front of an audience doing what he loves to do – imparting his insight to the world, in Forbes and CNBC, just as in Bloomberg Businessweek as a Youthful Businessperson, in The New York Times, and The Money Road Diary. 

The Ultimate Tanmay Bakshi Love for Coding Checklist

His adoration for coding drove him to make “Ask Tanmay” which is the field’s first IBM Watson-controlled Regular Language Question Noting Framework. He emphatically puts stock in an open inventory time and has, along these lines, made his undertakings open source, all together that manufacturers from wherever in the worldwide can transfer to them. 

The Best Approach to Tanmay Bakshi Goal

Tanmay’s objective to help as a base 100,000 hopeful coders in dominating an approach to code makes them do endless workshops and courses all over the globe. He likewise has a YouTube channel known as “Tanmay Instructs” wherein he contacts the area and offers his examinations and information to crowds of each age. His decision to place into impact simulated intelligence designs drove him to develop a few bundles in fields beginning from money to digital protection and tutoring to tune and recreation. 

The Inspiration story of Tanmay Bakashi is making the biggest impact on people’s life.

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